Factory Worker Hiring Abroad (New Zealand) 2023

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Factory Worker Hiring Abroad For Jobs

Many companies Factory Worker Hiring Abroad because of a labour shortage. and foreign worker hiring can also help companies lower labour costs and foreign workers might agree to work for lower wages. However, hiring foreign workers comes with its own set of difficulties such as dealing with legal and cultural issues.

Companies have to ensure that the foreign workers they hire comply with local laws of foreign workers, have the necessary work permits and visas, and are provided with living and working facilities. They must also consider the cultural differences and language barriers that exist.

To tackle these challenges, companies may need to provide training and support programs to help foreign workers to their new workplace environment and the company culture.

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Factory worker vacancies


Factory Workers in New Zealand’s salary

The average salary for a Factory Worker Hiring Abroad in New Zealand varies based on location, industry, and experience. According to the New Zealand government’s careers website, the median hourly wage for factory workers is NZD 20.00, which is approximately USD 13.80 per hour. However, some highly skilled factory workers might get paid considerably more. Additionally, New Zealand’s high cost of living might affect the purchasing power and quality of life of the factory workers.

Factory jobs Auckland Salary

Production Operator – NZD 20+/hour
Warehouse Assistant – NZD 22+/hour
Maintenance Engineer – NZD 35+/hour
Forklift Operator – NZD 21+/hour
CNC Machinist – NZD 30+/hour
Packaging Technician – NZD 25+/hour
Assembly Line Worker – NZD 20+/hour
Production Supervisor – NZD 30+/hour
Machine Operator – NZD 23+/hour
Quality Control Inspector – NZD 24+/hour

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Factory Worker Hiring Abroad
Factory Worker Hiring Abroad

Agency details for New Zealand factory worker

There are several agencies in New Zealand that specialize in hiring factory workers. but These agencies can help to connect with genuine employers and provide you with support for the recruitment and employment process.


  • Address: Level 6, 4 Graham Street, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
  • Contact Details: +64 9-356 9750
  • Email: info@adecco.co.nz
  • HR Email: hr@adecco.co.nz


Kelly Services

Factory workers hiring abroad with no experience

Hiring factory workers from abroad with no experience can be a challenging task it is investing our time and resources in training and development.

Companies might be willing to consider workers without any experience provided they have a strong work ethic, are eager to learn, and have good communication skills.

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Companies may also look for candidates who have completed vocational training or apprenticeships in related fields, as this can indicate a basic level of knowledge and skills.

To successfully hire factory workers from abroad with no experience, companies need to provide basic training and support, including on-the-job training, mentoring, and coaching programs, as well as language and cultural support.

How to apply for a Factory worker Job in New Zealand

To apply for a factory worker job in New Zealand, candidates can search online job boards, contact recruitment agencies that specialize in industrial and manufacturing jobs, or visit the websites of companies in their desired field.

They should prepare an application highlighting their relevant skills and experience, including any vocational training or apprenticeships completed. If selected for an interview, candidates should be ready to answer questions regarding their experience, qualifications, motivation, and work ethic.

A strong application and a positive attitude can increase candidates’ chances of landing a factory worker job in New Zealand.


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