Ireland Factory Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023

If you want to work in a factory and you are looking for Ireland Factory Visa Sponsorship Jobs but don’t know how to get a sponsorship visa? This article has everything cover you need.


Ireland is a beautiful place with, rich culture, and friendly people, and there high demand for factory jobs. With the manufacturing industry and the need for more skilled and unskilled workers, Ireland has become an attractive place for people looking for work.

But to work in Ireland in factories, you need a work visa and an employer’s support. applying for your visa process can be hard for individual people who don’t know much about Ireland’s immigration rules and the job market.

If you want to apply for Ireland Factory Visa Sponsorship Jobs that will sponsor your visa, I will tell you everything details you need to know.

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Following Jobs Available In Ireland

Factory Worker
Factory Helper
Warehouse Oprator
Warehouse Worker
Forklift Driver
Truck Driver
Housekeeper Person
General Worker
Steel Fixer
Delivery Driver

Understanding Ireland’s Work Visa System

you can start looking for factory jobs in Ireland, you need a CV and cover letter and know how to apply for Ireland’s factory jobs and find the best employer to provide you sponsor visa. There are different types of work visas that you can get based on your skills and education.

General Employment Permit

This visa is given to people who fulfil particular requirements and have an offer of employment from an Irish employer. To be eligible for this visa, you must have a job offer with an annual salary of at least €30,000 and the required skills and qualifications.

Critical Skills Employment Permit

This visa is given to people who have highly demanding skills and good working experience that people can get this visa. To get this visa, you must have a job offer with a pay of at least €30,000 per year and the required skills and qualifications for the job.

Intra-Company Transfer Permit

This visa is for people whose present employers are moving to Ireland. To be qualified for this visa, you must have worked for the company for at least 6 months and have the skills and qualifications for the job.

Dependent/Partner/Spouse Employment Permit:

This visa is for the spouse or partner of someone who has legal work in Ireland. To get this visa, you must have a job offer with a salary of at least €30,000 per year and the skills and abilities for the job.

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Ireland Factory Visa Sponsorship Jobs
Ireland Factory Visa Sponsorship Jobs

How To Finding a Sponsor for Factory Jobs in Ireland

Finding a job sponsorship can be challenging, especially if you are not currently living in Ireland. Here are some tips for finding an Ireland Factory Visa Sponsorship Jobs

If you are searching for sponsorship companies in Ireland then you can personally contact them and ask your job-related query and if you get an offer job interview and you are selected then your dream job position then you can ask for the sponsorship visa process and your company HR proceed with your visa application.

Check job postings online

There are several job websites available you can register by following the job website and find your dream job if you want to apply for Ireland Factory Visa Sponsorship Jobs then make your high-quality resume and cover letter and send it to them

Some of the popular job websites

  • Indeed
  • Jobs. ie
  • Monster

Contact recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies can help you find a job in Ireland and connect you with employers. there are many employers that provide you with sponsorship visas. if you have high demanding skills and good work experience in a related field then they are sponsoring your visa.

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Some of the popular recruitment agencies in Ireland

  • Hays
  • Manpower
  • FRS Recruitment.

Attend job fairs

Job fairs are a great way to meet potential employers and find out work opportunities in Ireland.

  • Career Zoo
  • Jobs Expo is two well-known Irish job shows.


Networking is very important if you want to find a job in Ireland. Join professional groups and go to events in your field to meet people who might hire you.

Applying for a Factory Job in Ireland

Once you have found an employer for your work visa application, you can start applying for factory jobs in Ireland.

Here are the few steps you need to follow

Prepare your CV

Make your CV in Ireland format and show your skills and work experience. If you’re seeking a position in the manufacturing field, for example, your resume should highlight your previous work in the field.

Write a cover letter

This is your chance to show your skills and expertise and why you are the best person for this job. Make sure you know something about the company and explain why you want to work for them.

Submit your application

Once you have prepared your CV and cover letter submit your application to the employer. Make sure to follow the instructions and provide all the necessary documentation.

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Attend an interview

If your application is successful, then your employer will invite you for an interview. Prepare for the interview and practise common interview questions.

Accept the job offer

If you are offered the job, make sure to read the contract carefully and accept the job offer if you are happy with the terms.

Top Companies Provide Ireland Factory Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Intel Ireland

Boston Scientific

Pfizer Ireland

  • Address: 9 Riverwalk, National Digital Park, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin, D24 VY00, Ireland
  • Phone: +353 1 467 6500
  • Website:
  • HR email address:

MSD Ireland

Kerry Group

Johnson & Johnson


Don’t forget to get your resume and cover letter ready, learn about the company, and practise for the interview. You can reach your goal of working in an Irish factory if you work hard and don’t give up. Best of luck!

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