Top 20 Best Paying Jobs In Industrial Machinery / Components In The USA 2023

Industrial machinery and components refer to various machines used in factories and Industries that help produce products we use daily. The machines can be a generator, Compressor, lathe, milling machine, and many others.

There are various high-paying jobs in Industrial Machinery and components. It is so because the job requires many skills, hard work, and talent. Secondly, fewer people want to do the job in this sector. 

The industrial machinery and components sector offers several lucrative prospects for people with the required training and experience.

This sector offers opportunities for growth in all areas, from engineering and design to sales and management. The top 20 jobs in the industrial machinery and components sector in the US are shown below based on average income data.

The article discusses the Top 20 Best Paying Jobs In Industrial Machinery / Components. So, keep reading this article to learn about some of the most high-paying jobs in Industrial Machinery/components.

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What Are The 20 Best Paying Jobs In Industrial Machinery / Components
  1. Machinist
  2. Operation Manager
  3. Financial Manager
  4. Warehouse Worker
  5. Assemblers And Fabricators
  6. Shipping, Receiving & Traffic Clerks
  7. Forklift Operators
  8. Sales Manager
  9. Marketing Manager
  10. Purchasing Manager
  11. Accountants
  12. Industrial Designers
  13. Lawyers
  14. Engineering Manager
  15. Quality Control Inspector
  16. CNC Operator
  17. Warehouse Manager
  18. Manufacturing Manager
  19. Electrical Engineer
  20. Maintenance Technician
Top 20 Best Paying Jobs In Industrial Machinery / Components In The USA
Top 20 Best Paying Jobs In Industrial Machinery / Components In The USA

Let’s start to describe the Best Paying Jobs In Industrial Machinery / Components

#1. Machinist ($48,000)

A machinist has to operate various machines in the industry. The machines include milling machines, lathe machines, grinding machines, and many others.

The Machinist has to supervise the machine allotted to him and check to ensure it works properly. He has to refer to blueprints and Engineering drawings and adjust the settings in the machine for the production of any component. Additionally, the Machinist has to check the output to ensure that the product is produced as per the quality standards set by the Company.

A competent tradesperson who uses machine tools to create items from metal, plastic, or other materials is known as a machinist. They cut, shape, and mould raw materials into final items using equipment like lathes, milling machines, and drill presses. A machinist needs to be well-versed in geometry, mathematics, materials science, and the particular machines they will be working with. They also need to be able to read and understand blueprints, take accurate measurements, and perform calculations to guarantee that their work adheres to strict guidelines.

The Machinist needs to lubricate the machine from time to time and check its parts. If he finds any problem, then he has to report to supervisors. Machinists must maintain a neat and clean environment near the workplace and follow all the health and safety procedures while working in the Company.

The candidate interested in working as a Machinist must have a high school degree to join this job. Some Companies prefer experienced candidates while some want to give opportunities to freshers. But remember, if you are interested in working as a Machinist, you must have good mathematical skills and basic computer knowledge.

It is a very hardworking job, and you must have the ability to lift at least 50 pounds. This job requires a lot of skills and training. So, the annual salary is $48,000, and experienced machinists earn above $81,000 yearly.

#2. Operation Manager ($114,200)

The next high-paying jobs on our list are Operation Manager. The primary role of an operation Manager is to supervise the daily operations in an Industry. They must recruit employees, check production equipment, ensure that the products have met quality standards, and solve employee queries and problems.

Additionally, Operation Manager has to develop new strategies for better production and equipment. They have solved any problem arising in the manufacturing department of the Company.

You need to have either a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or engineering or must have done Engineering to work as an operations manager for working in a Company. The annual salary of an operation manager is usually $114,200.

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#3. Financial Manager ($130,700)

A financial Manager is responsible for financial health in the industry. He has to make financial reports and give presentations in front of managers. Additionally, the financial Manager has to make financial decisions for an industry. In short, he has to prepare the budget and financial strategies for an organization’s betterment.

The candidate must have a BS or MA degree in finance, Economics, or Accounting to join this Job role. Simultaneously you should be aware of various financial software tools for working in a company’s job role.

A Financial Manager usually earns $130,700 per year. But the average salary varies depending on various factors like the Company you are working for, experience, location, and many others.

#4. Warehouse Worker ($31,000)

The responsibilities of warehouse workers vary from one Company to another. However, there are some common responsibilities which include completing delivery orders, picking products according to schedule, and keeping a safe environment in the warehouse. The warehouse workers even have to choose the products, unload and unpack them and then store them in their respective positions.

So, in short, a warehouse worker is responsible for maintaining a warehouse and has to follow all the health and safety rules while working for any Company.

The candidate who wants to work as a warehouse worker must have a high school degree, a valid forklift driving license, and the ability to lift heavy objects. The annual salary of a warehouse worker is usually $31,000. However, it can vary depending on the Company, location, and experience.

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#5. Assemblers And Fabricators ($36,000)

Assemblers and fabricators are vital in manufacturing different components in the industry. They assemble products either by their hand or with the help of machines. Additionally, they can detect faulty components and try to fix them before assembling them. Assemblers and fabricators also maintain a neat, clean and safe workspace.

You must have a high school diploma to do this job in any Industry. Some industries, like food industries, give scope to freshers for work as Assemblers and fabricators.

 But Automotive industries need experienced candidates to work as Assemblers and fabricators.

The annual salary of an Assembler and fabricator is usually $36,000. But the experienced candidate earns more than $50,000 in a year.

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#6. Shipping Receiving & Traffic Clerks ($39,200)

Shipping, Receiving, and traffic clerks are responsible for keeping records of the goods imported and exported from the Organization. The records include charges, weight, amount of space taken by the product, and various others. Additionally, they must pack, seal and label the goods for shipment purposes.

Most shipping, Receiving, and traffic clerks work in an official environment, but in some industries, they work in the warehouse.

You need to have at least a high school diploma to do this job. However, some Industries demand Secondary level education for this type of job role.

Shipping, Receiving, and Traffic clerks’ annual salary is $39,200. However, the salary can vary from one Company to another.

#7. Forklift Operators ($37,000)

Forklift operators are responsible for loading and unloading goods in the warehouse and, of course, have to drive a forklift. They have to ensure that the driving areas of forklifts do not have any obstructions. 

Additionally, forklift operators must ensure that all the products in the warehouse are appropriately arranged and on their respective shelves. They need to follow all the safety procedures by working in the Company. The majority of Companies have made it compulsory for a forklift operator to wear personal protective equipment while working in a Company.

 A forklift operator has to identify the expiry products and keep them in the front by which they can be picked first.

You need a High school diploma or equivalent and a valid license to drive a forklift.

Various skills are required for doing this job role. So, the annual salary of a forklift operator is usually $37,000 per year.

#8. Sales Manager ($68,000)

A sales manager’s primary role is to manage an organization’s sales. They have to develop sales strategies and set goals for achieving profits. Additionally, they supervise the sales team and check daily activities and performance. Its primary mission is always to promote products in the Organization.

You must have a Bachelor’s degree in Business or any other field to apply for this job. Moreover, you need to have the ability to become the leader of a sales team. The annual salary of a sales manager is usually $68,000. 

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#9. Marketing Manager ($133,000)

The job responsibilities of a Marketing Manager are to analyze the trends in the current market and develop a strategy accordingly. He even needs to manage the marketing team, keep records of sales in the entity and oversee branding and advertising campaigns.

You must have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Finance, or similar to apply for this job.

 Additionally, you must have in-depth knowledge of the current market scenario and marketing strategies for doing this job. Some Industries prefer experienced Marketing Managers while others prefer Freshers.

It’s a very hardworking job and requires a lot of skills. So, the pay per annum is also relatively high. A Marketing Manager usually earns $133,000 per year.

#10. Purchasing Manager ($75,000)

A purchasing manager’s role is to review purchase orders, keep records of goods that are ordered and received to date, and negotiate prices of goods with the supplier. They even communicate with the Manager to know the goods required by the Company. They then travel to various vendors and select the vendor who supplies good materials at an affordable rate.

You must have a bachelor’s degree in either logistics, Business Administration, or a similar field to do this job. The annual salary of a Purchasing Manager is usually $75,000.

#11. Accountants ($77,000)

The job responsibilities of an Accountant are to examine the Company’s financial statements and make sure they are correct and according to the rules and laws of the Company. The other duties include making Financial statements, keeping accounting records, and suggesting ways to reduce costs and improve profitability. It is an official job, and the candidate must always work in the office.

You need a bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, or any related field to do this job. Additionally, you must be well acquainted with Microsoft Word and spreadsheets for joining this job role. The annual salary of an Accountant is usually $77,000.

#12. Industrial Designers ($76,000)

Industrial designers usually work with Marketing Specialists and Engineers to find the most suitable design for customers. Their primary tool is the Computer. They use software like Computed Aided Designing for sketching different ideas and making adjustments after discussing with authorities and team members. 

They are very creative and come up with various new ideas to develop products in an Industry. Their primary duty is to innovate, plan, design, and test products.

You must have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Architecture, or anything similar to apply for this job role in an Industry. The salary of an Industrial Engineer is relatively high and is nearly $76,000 annually.

#13. Lawyers ($125,890)

The primary role of Lawyers in an Industry is to protect the Company from legal violations. They advise on joint ventures or important transactions in Business. The lawyers also negotiate when there is a contract between the Company with the suppliers.

You need to have a bachelor’s degree in law to become a Lawyer in a good Industry. The salary of a layer is usually $125,890 annually.

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#14. Engineering Manager ($150,000)

The primary role of an Engineering manager is to research and develop products. They prepare a budget, and project timeline, supervise the Engineers, and motivate them to complete it within that time. The engineering manager also coordinates with other departments to ensure that all the Engineering projects are completed within the deadline and following the rules specified by the Organization.

You must have at least a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, or anything similar to it apply for an Engineering manager job in the Company. The annual salary of an Engineering manager is $150,000.

#15. Quality Control Inspector

Quality Control Inspector reads blueprints and specifications and checks the product with the help of various equipment to find defects or any parameter that has deviated from specifications. So, in short, they supervise products from the raw material stage to the finished product. They reject products that fail to satisfy standards.

#16. CNC Operator

A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) operator is a competent individual who manages equipment outfitted with computer software to create components and goods in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, engineering, and metallurgy. They are in charge of assembling, programming and running CNC machines to create components and parts of extreme precision. The CNC operator must be familiar with the operating software, how the machine works, the materials it will process, as well as safety protocols and quality assurance.

#17. Warehouse Manager

A warehouse manager is an expert tasked with managing the day-to-day activities of a warehouse, including the receiving and storage of items, inventory control, and timely and correct transportation to clients. In order to maximise warehouse operations, they must maintain a safe and effective working environment, monitor and regulate inventory levels, collaborate with other departments and suppliers, and apply best practices.

#18. Manufacturing Manager

They might also be in charge of managing budgets and expenses, training and developing staff, and overseeing a group of warehouse workers. I have a wealth of experience managing production procedures and ensuring that manufacturing facilities run well in my capacity as a manufacturing manager.

My experience in all stages of production planning, organising, and directing enables the timely and cost-effective delivery of high-quality products. I lead teams to reach their full potential and spur business success with a focus on continuous improvement and a dedication to safety and efficiency.

#19. Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers are professionals who design, develop, and test electronic equipment and systems. They work in a variety of industries, including telecommunications, aerospace, and transportation, to name a few.

Their responsibilities include creating circuit designs, evaluating system performance, and troubleshooting technical issues. Electrical engineers use their expertise in electrical theory and materials properties to create solutions that meet the needs of their clients or employers. They must stay up-to-date on industry advancements and new technologies to continue providing innovative and effective solutions.

#20. Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Technicians are responsible for ensuring the proper operation of equipment and facilities. They perform regular maintenance, troubleshoot and repair mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, and troubleshoot issues to reduce downtime.

They cooperate with other team members to ensure a safe and efficient working atmosphere. Maintenance Technicians, with their technical skills and attention to detail, play an important role in ensuring a facility’s integrity and long-term success.


We have discussed above some of the Best Paying Jobs In Industrial Machinery / Components. So, try to grab the job if you have an interest in the particular job role and have qualifications suited for that job. You will get an attractive salary package and other Company benefits right after joining.

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